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"12th Five-Year" energy saving and emission reduction task is the first choice for advanced heat-treatment furnace enterprises.

日期:2018-07-06 14:46:03

In 2011, the State Council announced the "12th Five-Year" economic construction plan, according to the data analysis, "12th Five-Year" period, China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunity. However, with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization and the continuous upgrading of consumption structure, China's energy demand is still showing a rigid growth. However, in recent years, domestic and international constraints on the resources and environment are increasingly strengthened. In 12th Five-Year, the situation of energy conservation and emission reduction in China is still very severe.

Energy saving and emission reduction industrial enterprises are the main force

To this end, the State Council's "12th Five-Year" comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction proposed twelve aspects and 50 policy measures, focusing on the refinement of energy saving and emission reduction measures in key industries and key areas and the quantification of targets. In energy conservation, by 2015, the energy consumption of the national gross domestic product of 10000 yuan was reduced to 0.869 tons of coal. It was 16% lower than that of 1.034 tons of standard coal in 2010, and 6.7 million tons of standard coal were saved. In terms of emission reduction, the total national chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions in 2015 were controlled by 23 million 476 thousand tons and 20 million 864 thousand tons, respectively, which were 8% lower than 25 million 517 thousand tons and 22 million 678 thousand tons in 2010 respectively. The total amount of ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides in the country was controlled in 2 million 380 thousand tons and 20 million 462 thousand tons respectively, compared with 2 million 644 thousand tons and 22 million 736 thousand tons in 2010. The decrease was 10%, respectively.

A series of data shows that for the industrial machinery manufacturing industry, the strict control of energy conservation and emission reduction and upgrading of industrial capacity should be placed at the same height during the 12th Five-Year. As we all know, the enterprise is the main body of energy consumption and pollution emission, and it is also the main force of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, many large heat treatment furnaces of factory enterprises have no small energy consumption because of the cause of process production. The power saving rate is mostly in 20% under the condition that the energy saving rate is not sound to normal production after the professional energy saving transformation. On the other hand, a rough estimate of the number of factory enterprises in the country will be a huge energy wealth. Therefore, in order to achieve the national energy saving and emission reduction targets, all factory enterprises should increase the strength of the factory heat treatment furnace.

How to improve the development of heat treatment industry

Heat treatment is an important process of mechanical manufacturing, is to ensure and improve the quality of machine parts and service life, give full play to the potential of key processes. In order to better serve the production of enterprises, a large number of manufacturing enterprises of heat treatment furnaces and trolley furnaces have grown up, the production and scientific research of heat treatment have appeared unprecedented good situation, and also create the red fire situation of the heat treatment furnace manufacturing industry.

According to the national heat treatment industry statistics, the end of the "11th Five-Year" period, the whole industry heat treatment furnace manufacturing enterprises about 1200, heat treatment production equipment nearly 100 thousand standards (150KWh/ station), the backbone of the average unit energy consumption of about 500kW H. All kinds of vacuum heat treatment furnaces produce self-sufficiency, meet the needs of the aviation and mold industry, many types of sealing multipurpose furnace, the extra large well type carburizing furnace can be made by itself.

Although the heat treatment industry has achieved certain achievements in the development of the industry, it is not to be ignored that there are still some problems in the whole industry: the technology and equipment of the heat treatment industry are still backward, the energy utilization rate is low, the waste phenomenon is serious, the awareness of the environmental protection and safety production is weak, the quality of the products is not effectively guaranteed; the manufacture of advanced equipment is made. Behind the demand, the quality of processing materials and auxiliary materials is not high and the varieties are incomplete. Therefore, during the development period of 12th Five-Year, the whole heat treatment industry should tap the potential of energy conservation by increasing the intensity of technological transformation.

How to choose the safe heat treatment furnace to improve the capacity

If enterprises want to carry out products that meet the requirements of national manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, they must choose products with high quality equipment and high scientific and technological content. Many enterprises will meet all kinds of problems when choosing a trolley furnace. It is summed up that how to ensure the service life and convenient maintenance of the equipment while meeting the requirements of heat treatment process and the quality of the heat treatment of the workpiece. Finally, it is necessary to achieve the targets of energy conservation and emission reduction.

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