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Heffes Ge processing system Jiangsu Co., Ltd., founded in September 2010, is located in the national 5A tourist scenic area Tianmu Lake, is a professional research and development, production and manufacture of heat treatment equipment for high-tech enterprises. In 2012, a joint venture with ECM, France, was set up to jointly develop heat treatment equipment. The company is the governing unit of China Heat Treatment Industry Association.

Heffes Ge processing system Jiangsu Co., Ltd., as a high starting, high quality and high configuration heat treatment equipment manufacturer in China, has a number of high-quality design, production, management and service personnel. Most of them have been engaged in the industry for many years, and have accumulated rich professional knowledge and experience.

The special heat treatment technology of Heffes Ge processing system Jiangsu Co., Ltd. has solved the technical problems of heat treatment equipment and technology in energy saving, environmental protection, safety and so on. The main products of the company are all kinds of high automation controlled atmosphere heat treatment production lines and vacuum heat treatment production lines. At the same time, it can provide the auxiliary facilities for heat treatment equipment, and can design and manufacture all kinds of non standard heat treatment equipment according to the requirements of the user, and provide the plan of heat treatment plant to meet the needs of different users. The company digested and absorbed advanced design, manufacturing and management concepts at home and abroad, and strictly controlled the whole process of design, manufacture and installation of the equipment, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the products. At present, the company has obtained 6 invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents, the company's products have been awarded the title of high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. Professional heat treatment technology, unique modular design, combined configuration scheme, flexible application features, Herr Fisz processing system Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is willing to provide your own technology and ideas to provide you with a perfect solution.