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Planning for heat treatment in 13th Five-Year

日期:2018-07-06 14:41:29

First, heat treatment industry development present situation, existence disparity and reason analysis.

(1) development status and completion of "12th Five-Year"

1, heat treatment enterprises standardized development, significant improvement in industrial capacity.

2. The achievements of energy saving and emission reduction and cleaner production are obvious

3, innovation ability has been enhanced, heat treatment technology progress.

4. The formation system of heat treatment equipment in China

5. Initially build a public service platform network for SMEs in the heat treatment industry.

(two) the analysis of the existence gap and the reason

1, the overall heat treatment industry is still weak, small and scattered, and extensive management, which is not conducive to the rapid improvement of product quality.

2, the innovation ability of heat treatment technology is still weak, and the process of integration of two technologies is slow.

3, the energy management system of heat treatment enterprises is imperfect, the environmental protection measures are weak, and the popularization rate of energy saving and environment-friendly heat treatment equipment is low.

4, research and development of heat treatment generic technology is insufficient, lack of technology reserves, affecting high-end equipment and technological innovation.

5. The abolition of heat treatment specialty in Colleges and universities makes it difficult for vocational colleges to recruit students, resulting in the discontinuation of senior scientific research and research personnel and the shortage of enterprise technicians and highly skilled workers.

Two. Developing environment and demand situation

(I) development environment

1. The strategy of making a powerful nation inject new power into heat treatment

2, strategic emerging industries are new engines of heat treatment development.

3. Green manufacturing requires higher heat treatment

4, smart manufacturing poses new challenges to the structural transformation of heat treatment industry.

(two) the analysis of the demand situation

1. The demand for heat treatment is strong in all sectors of the equipment manufacturing industry.

2. Demand for advanced and applicable heat treatment equipment

3, other needs

Three, guiding ideology

Four, the "13th Five-Year" goal and the 2025 vision

Five, development focus and main tasks

(1) key development direction

1. Heat treatment intelligent manufacturing and information technology

2. Energy saving and clean production of heat treatment

3. Heat treatment cycle economy

4, developing modern manufacturing service industry

5, opening up the international market

(two) key tasks

1, conscientiously implement the "standard conditions for the heat treatment industry", promote the "announcement access" of the heat treatment industry, cultivate specialized special enterprise groups and industrial clusters with international competitiveness

2. Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, establish advanced technology demonstration projects for cleaner production, and further promote energy saving, emission reduction and cleaner production in heat treatment

3, speed up technological innovation and technological innovation, and promote advanced technologies and equipment for energy conservation and consumption reduction.

4, research and development of international leading green heat treatment technology and equipment and technology

5. Improving the professional inspection means of heat treatment enterprises to realize the inspection and evaluation of the internal metallographic structure and quality level of heat treatment parts

6, strengthen the heat treatment industry public service platform network construction, and create an efficient platform for technological innovation service platform.

7, build and improve the standard system of heat treatment, strengthen brand building and intellectual property protection.

8. Pay attention to the training of heat treatment talents

Six. Suggestions on policy and measures

"Heat treatment industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" full text

China Heat Treatment Industry Association

Heat treatment is one of the important basic processes in the equipment manufacturing industry, which plays a key role in product quality. It is also one of the core technologies to improve the overall level of mechanical manufacturing. It has an important support for the strategy of making a powerful manufacturing country. During the "12th Five-Year", under the guidance of national reform and specific policies, China's heat treatment industry, under the guidance of the national reform and specific policies, aimed at the advanced level of international heat treatment, developed advanced technology and technology, eliminated backward equipment, and promoted the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure. Special enterprises, rapid development of industry economic strength, technological transformation initial results, technical level obviously improved, production capacity significantly enhanced, industrial transformation and upgrading gradually advance, product quality improved significantly, energy saving and emission reduction work achieved remarkable results, for automobile, petrochemical, aerospace air space, port aircraft, ships, electric power, electronics, The development of textile machinery, light industrial machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, rail traffic, machine tools, household appliances, tooling, bearings, fasteners, military industry and other industries have provided important support.

Heat treatment industry types include: heat treatment plant specializing in heat treatment, heat treatment plant, workshop or group of machinery manufacturing enterprises, equipment manufacturers specializing in heat treatment equipment, factories and companies specializing in producing and selling heat treatment auxiliary materials. The nature of enterprises can be divided into: state-owned, private shareholding, individual private, individual leasing contract system, foreign-funded, Sino-foreign joint ventures and other forms of operation. At present, private enterprises in heat treatment industry have become the main body, including abundant capital, advanced equipment and technology and superior quality of products, but most enterprises are weak in technical strength, lack of independent innovation ability and long-term development plan. It is inevitable that the low level of industry will inevitably be repeated with the free development of market change trend. It is difficult to realize the high index of energy saving and emission reduction, and it is difficult to further improve the quality of products, and the market price competition and disorderly competition are serious, which impede the overall completion of the "12th Five-Year" plan target. In the face of this situation, in order to fully implement the strategic tasks proposed by the party in the eighteen major, to achieve the grand goal of improving the quality of mechanical and electrical products, supporting the manufacturing industry of the equipment from large to strong, and realizing the strong power of manufacturing, combined with the development plan of "China made 2025", condense the consensus of the industry and formulate the "13th Five-Year" of the "heat treatment industry". The development plan, pointing out the direction and goal of development and the clear implementation of the policy and measures, in order to continue, healthy and stable development of the heat treatment industry under the new normal in the "13th Five-Year" period.

First, the development status and gaps of heat treatment industry.

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